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Reporting an Onyx Bug - Step 1 of 2

Thank you for taking the time to file your bug! The bug report process is two steps, first fill out the nicely canned options below and then you will be asked to describe the bug.

If you are running an older version of Onyx it might be worth grabbing the newest version before reporting a bug as it might already be fixed.

Also note that filing this bug will bring you to a different site. This is normal.

Problem Encountered on:
Onyx Version:

What to File Bugs About

Everything. Everything includes not only technical problems but is meant to include silly dialog, bad artwork, awkward controls, unexpected behaviour, missing features, frustrating gameplay, anger inducing details, crashes, unacceptable delays, bad menu flow, incomplete descriptions, tooth aches and acne. In short, everything.

The exception to everything is obviously missing content. Don't file a bug that your pilot's portrait is just an image that says "Portrait #1". If it isn't instantly obvious, then file a bug. It would be helpful for testers to scan the bug list to see if there is an identical bug already filed, but when in doubt (or too lazy) just file a new one. Two filings is better than none.

How to File Bugs

Go to the bug page which collects some basic information in a standardized way. After that you'll be asked for a brief title and a description. Try to be as thorough as you can. Where the bug is technically related try to give reproduction steps. More description is always better than less.

How to Make General Comments

It is completely appropriate to file bugs that contain simple comments or criticisms. It is usually best to leave fields like 'severity' or 'assignment' as default when making general comments in the bugtracker.