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Executive Summary

Especially Important of Game Controls

  • A: Thrust Reverser. Allows fast breaking or flying in reverse.
  • Tab: Afterburners.
  • R: Target closest enemy.
  • Alt-B: Order Wingmen to Break and Attack
  • Numbers 1-0: 10% - 100% Throttle
  • F or Enter: Fire a missile
  • Space, Left Mouse button, Primary Joystick button: Fire Energy Weapons

List of All Game Controls


  • Wheel up./down: Throttle +/-2%
  • Left Button: Fire Primary Energy Weapons
  • Right Button: Select Front Target
  • Middle Button: Afterburners


  • Numbers 1-0: 10% - 100% Throttle
  • Backspace: 0% Throttle
  • Tab: Afterburners
  • A: Thrust Reverser
  • Space: Fire Primary Energy Weapons
  • F, Enter or Return: Fire Missile
  • Escape: In-Game Menu
  • Pause, Alt-P: Pause
  • F1-F8: Change Camera Angle

Weapons Computer

  • T & Shift-T: Select Next/Last Target
  • Y & Shift-Y: Select Next/Last Hostile Target
  • U & Shift-U: Select Next/Last Mission Priority Target
  • R: Select Nearest Hostile Target
  • E: Select Front Target
  • M & Shift-M: Select Next/ Last Missile Type

Navigation Controls

  • N & Shift-N: Select Next/ Last Nav Point
  • J: Jump to Next Nav Point

Wingman Controls

  • Z: Select All Wingmen for communication (default)
  • X & Shift-X: Select Next/ Last (Single) Wingman for communication
  • Alt-B: Order Selected Wingmen to Break and Attack
  • Alt-A: Order Selected Wingmen to Attack Your Target
  • Alt-R: Order Selected Wingmen to Report Status
  • Alt-F: Order Selected Wingmen to Enter Formation
  • Alt-H: Order Selected Wingmen to Help You
  • Alt-T: Taunt Selected Target
  • Period: Skip Current Communication

Joystick (Axis reversal problem. See: Joystick Workarounds)

  • Hat: Change Camera Angle
  • Button 1: Fire Primary Energy Weapons
  • Button 2: Afterburners
  • Button 3: Fire Secondary Energy Weapons (Does nothing at the moment)
  • Button 4: Fire Missile
  • Button 5: Select Front Target
  • Button 6: Select Next Missile Type
  • Button 7: Select Next Mission Priority Target
  • Button 8: Select Closest Hostile Target

Additional, Maybe Working Game Controls

  • B & Shift-B: Change Radar Scale

Power User Things To Try

  • Look in the config.txt file in the Onyx data directory, then modify your userconfig.txt in the Onyx Application Data directory (or ~.onyx).
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