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Onyx Known Issues

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Things Notably Missing

  • Capital ship combat. The balancing is so atrocious here that it isn't worth tester time.
  • Enemy ships share the same skins. This is a temporary asset issue.
  • The debriefing screen is missing vital information. This is purely a function of development time allocation. It will be corrected in the near future. (bug 489)
  • Many pilot perks do nothing.
  • The pilot achievements page is incomplete.
  • Meaningful storyline. The script for much of the game is written, but missions aren't scripted yet. Further betas will have more missions completed.

Known Major Flaws

  • The BF-101 is too massive to react properly in close quarters. Often the model will deeply interpenetrate with scenery or with other massive models. Occasionally the interpenetration will result in instability that forces the engine to remove one of the models. This is especially visible in the "Bull in a China Shop" race. (bug 437)
  • Races use proximity to checkpoints rather than the proper hull triggers meaning that flying very close to a race ring without actually flying through it will still trigger the checkpoint.
  • Engine overheats aren't registered. The HUD warning for engine overheat will appear, but the engines will never fail regardless of how long the afterburners are engaged.
  • Joystick support is probably broken. (bug 522)
  • Ship subsystems cannot be damaged. Run out of armour and take a single point of damage and you die. (bug 370)

Known Minor, But Obvious Flaws

  • The solar flare in the menu background flickers while certain overlays are in place.
  • Menu 'slide out' effects can show artifacts when the menus are navigated very quickly. This is purely a visual artifact. (bug 563)
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