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License in Brief

The Onyx source is yours to use, modify, redistribute or sell and everything else the GPL allows. The artwork, sounds, definition files, models, etc. may be distributed in whole as a part of the Onyx package, but that's all. The source is free as in "free speech" and the rest is free as in "free beer".

Onyx Package & Data Files

Data files include (but are not limited to) the artwork, models, music, sound effects and scripts located in the 'data' directory of the Onyx package.

Redistribution of the data files is allowed so long as the following requirements are met:

  1. The package be distributed unmodified with no alternate or additional files or re-branding of any kind.
  2. The data files provided in this package must not be copied or used for any other project associated with Onyx or otherwise unless expressly specified in the license file associated with a particular file. (See below)

For more information about a specific data file look for a .txt file with the same name in the same directory. If no file is present then this license applies. If unsure I may be contacted via email. More information may be found in the AUTHORS file at the root of the package.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Note that an alternate license applies to the source files for Onyx.

Source Distribution

The source of Onyx is freely available to all to be both modifed and redistributed. It is available under the or GPL.

Add-ons, Mods & Conversions

Onyx uses a very open set of formats for all of its scripts and data files. Writing additional levels and modifications is allowed and encouraged. Instructions on how to modify Onyx without violating the binary distribution license is included in the Onyx package. Please refer to that documentation for more information.

Onyx Data Files Distribution

The raw data files used by Onyx may not be used, distributed or sold for use with any project other then Onyx. They may be distributed only as a part of a binary distribution, the license for which is specified above in this document.