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Three Guesses: More Onyx Screen Shots.
Posted 2004.02.13 07:00am by Aaron
This news item is 5548 days old.

That's right. 7:00am. But I do indeed have more Onyx screen shots to show off.

Onyx is coming along rather well, actually. Scenery has been implemented, as can be seen in the many asteroids floating around in this new group of shots. On top of scenery, a new spacial system is in place which is much faster and maps are all loaded from defininition files. I've started game balancing and added several weapons. Xaintes has fixed several of my terrible textures and I've been working hard on increasing game speed in general.

Maps now have multiple locations, and mission triggers are almost done. This all means that the game is almost playable. It's going to be tight, but I really feel that I'm going to meet my March 19th release date for the first chapter, testing.

Just to do a general update; things have come along rather well. ODE has impressed and depressed me in about a 2:1 ratio, so I'm still happy with my choice to go with it. Multiple LOD models are coming along rather well and the renderer speed is 'adequate'. I've had several successful trials on Win32 machines, but I've yet to do a Mac OSX build, so I'm not sure I'll hit that target just yet. Basically things are moving at a pace approaching what it should - and things are pretty good.

Tell your friends. Onyx will be available in some playable form on March 19th. I would hope that the extra bandwidth I pay for will go to some use.

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Way to go...
Posted 2004.02.13 10:46pm by Xaintes
Looking real good, love!


Posted 2004.02.14 03:48pm by Thanatos
I am indeed impressed. Do I REALLY have to wait until next month? Please can I try it now??????


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