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Onyx Redesign Announced
Posted 2004.04.01 06:00pm by Aaron
This news item is 5500 days old.

After extensive contemplation, I've decided to convert the Onyx to lessen its focus on space combat, and instead will be applying more energy into improving it's simulated dating facilities.

I can't escape the fact that what people really want is a prohibitively expensive, OpenGL rendered front-end to dynamically generated romantic material. I've already begun converting ship models to more appropriate meshes such as hearts, chocolates, flowers and the dreaded “Cupid's Arrow”.

Truly, exciting things are to come. My best estimates expect that I'll be able to do a half release of “Onyx: How are you Feeling Today?” in the next few weeks, and the full release: “Onyx: Why Don't You Ever Just Hold Me?” several weeks after that.

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It's about time
Posted 2004.04.01 10:03pm by Thanatos
I've been telling you for years that that's the way to go. It's about time you listened.


Posted 2004.04.02 11:49am by KeBl3sK
phew, it's April 1st. For a second I was thinking that Jimmy was loosing it..


Oh my god!
Posted 2004.04.04 12:15am by Xaintes
I can't wait to play that!!! You can be sure I'll be first in line to buy it. Maybe I'll add it to my "Pink Stars and Cuddly Things" wishlist!


    Re: Oh my god!
    Posted 2004.04.04 10:04pm by Aaron
    Pink Stars. I KNEW I was forgetting a new mesh type.


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