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The State of Onyx
Posted 2004.05.11 05:59am by Aaron
This news item is 5460 days old.

Well, right off I would imagine that anyone following the development of Onyx has figured out that my chapter 1 release date was a total and complete lie. Release date lies suck. I want to assure everyone though, that heavy development is still taking place. Enough is left to do that I don't want to further lie by placing a date on completion, but we're creeping up on it for sure.

Enough of what I haven't done, on to what I have. Lots of new features have gone into the game like turrets for capital ships, improved audio, improved loading times, an improved GUI, and lots of new bug fixes. There's also new lighting code to up the pretty factor a bit, and pierre has really come through with textures giving us really nice final models for a couple of ships. Taharez has contributed more models which I'm working on integrating, and he's even offered to do some textures if he has time. Last but not even close to least, Christian has delivered the first track of the Onyx Soundtrack which I happen to think is fantastic.

New textures, new models, new code, lots more script and dialog and new music is a lot of new stuff, but I can happily say that the bug count has dropped too, which I'm quite thankful for. To prove that I'm not lying about all this stuff too I've added some goodies strewn throughout the Onyx site, like Christian's audio track and a new desktop on the media page, and three new screen shots. I'll be putting up a ship/event/character database soon as well since I've been nibbling at it for quite some time, but it's not ready just yet.

Anyhow, that's how things stand at the moment. With all that said, I'm finally going to go to bed.

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Christian Pacaud
Posted 2004.05.11 06:47am by Anonymous
Those new pics are great ! Can't wait to see the textures in action :)


Posted 2004.05.11 02:35pm by KeBl3sK
Amazing screenshots!!
Can't wait to see those explosions in action!


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