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Long Overdue Onyx Update
Posted 2004.08.17 06:24am by Aaron
This news item is 5362 days old, and has been amended since publish.

I've been a bad project leader lately and made absolutely no official updates on the status of Onyx in 98 days. Ninety eight. Wow.

Even after that long I'm afraid I don't have anything tremendously exciting to announce. The most exciting changes have taken place in the code base as refactoring, not additions. Just as an example, visualizations have been completely split away from the game entities, physical hull representations are now shared among ship instances, joint, turret, weapon and running lights all share the same system for positioning, damage characteristics are now definable and actually affect damage application, players may now log in and have their pilots tracked and a whole whack of other incredibly boring, non-screenshot producing things. The Onyx/ Life 2130 universe has also been fleshed out a lot more and jelled into what could be called a semi-firm time line, and the new site(s) are almost ready to go up.

Is that enough to account for 98 days? No. No it isn't. Development slowed down quite a lot in the past three months, but is picking up again. I still won't speculate on a release date since the plot seems to continue to thicken. I've been keeping a closer eye on Onyx's "competition" and as a result I needed to regroup some elements of the game and rewrite them to be a little more complex. I quoted "competition" there because quite simply Onyx isn't/ wasn't really competitive. Hopefully that gap has closed a little. Given the VAST amounts of game data currently unbalanced and half entered I have my doubts that the first chapter will be the first release. There are just too many things to do and balance before the first Chapter can come out. Instead I think I'll make a limited release with a few skirmish missions instead. Not going to promise that, though. Onyx relies pretty heavily on the storyline, and I'd hate to dilute that by putting out a game with effectively none.

So, in summary, still nothing to see - move along. But soon, seriously. I promise. For what that's worth.

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