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TCF-DD-DYS "Vigilant", Major General Maxis, Personal Log
Posted 2004.11.17 03:55am by Aaron
This news item is 5270 days old, and has been amended since publish.

April 18th, 2146
This will be my last journal entry. As I speak these words a task force from the Troubadour are closing in on our position, and I have not the will nor the inclination to order any resistance to their assault. Shortly this ship will be destroyed or recovered by marines loyal to General Travis. When that happens, I will take my life.

I record this journal in the hopes that my wife and son will understand why I've done the things I've done.

Shelly, I've betrayed the trust of my commander and the tenants of the Confederation only because I believed it would bring me home to you. Our son won't understand, and I selfishly leave you the responsibility of telling him that his father is a traitor.

Three days ago Steven came aboard and told me that he and more than a dozen other ships were going to be leaving the fleet. It has been common knowledge that I don't agree with General Travis's perpetual moral dilemmas keeping us trapped in this horrible region. Keeping me away from my friends and my family. Keeping me away from my fucking life. I didn't care anymore if we had to step on some toes to get us home. Steven would make the hard choices, he'd lead us.

I wasn't sure of what I'd do when the shooting started, but we found out. We were separated from the Nightingale when the Prometheus went up. I have no idea what happened to it, but almost 1000 friends gone, just like that. Potter with the Corona and I formed up with the Flawless and the Devastator and we made for a near by gas giant to try to hide. I don't know what happened to the Flawless, but it fell behind. I don't even know who was in command of her. When we reached the planet Potter had to keep the Corona in a higher orbit because his engines were damaged.

They found him. They found us.

I didn't think Travis would do it, but they destroyed the Devastator and crippled the Corona. Last I saw she was burning in space. I have no idea what happened to Mathew but I doubt he would have surrendered. Now we're alone and running. Transports should be boarding us any minute.

I'm sorry Shelly. I can't spend the rest of my life in a brig, trapped in this ungodly place. I won't be captured. Tell Helen I'm sorry about Mathew. Tell our son that I never meant for this to happen. I just wanted to see you again.



Audio log recovered by Major P. Tate during operation Redemption in the personal quarters of Major General Maxis. Maxis appears to have died from a single, self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Suggest remission to the historical database for indefinite storage.

May the memories and hopes of Major General Maxis be recorded and respected for he is truly a son of the Confederation and his sacrifice and convictions are a service to us all.
-- Log permanently sealed by order of General Samual Travis, April 29th, 2146

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