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Onyx the Short, Short, Short Edition
Posted 2006.06.28 08:12pm by Aaron
This news item is 4682 days old.

So the beta is like a week behind already. I know. I've got some ground to cover, so let's just do it.

  1. I hate Onyx.
  2. I'm stripping out ALL of the story based missions.
  3. I'm stripping out most of the ships.
  4. I'm stripping out all multi-navpoint missions.
  5. There'll be very few Obstacle Courses.
  6. I'm stripping out "Tag".
  7. There are visual artifacts all over the place.
  8. The Race AIs won't shoot at you. Tough.
  9. I hate Onyx.
  10. The limited, limited, short, short, beta will be ready tomorrow. MAYBE the day after.
  11. Downloads will be available on special request, otherwise you'll need bittorrent.
  12. The living bug list for this release is here

Finally, I appreciate all the applications for the beta. Now stop sending them. :) I've got far more people than I'd originally intended, and managing beta members has eaten up WAY more time than I'd expected. By way more I mean way, way more.

(PS: Oh, and to the people who sent me (requests?) in German.... um... no, I think. Either no to the beta, or no, I've no no interest in seeing your sister and your mother doing, things.)

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Posted 2006.06.29 10:18pm by Anonymous
I'm TD-Linux, but haven't created an account.
Why all the stripping? Is it just for the dumbed-down beta, or are you really getting rid of that stuff for good.

BTW, X-Wing is one of my favorite games. I run X-Wing (the CD-ROM edition) frequently in DosBox.


    Re: Whoa...
    Posted 2006.06.29 11:09pm by Aaron

    It's just for the beta, yeah. I need to get something out before I commit suicide. All the stuff I cut, especially the storyline will be back assuming Onyx moves forward from here.

    I'll also release staged updates to the beta as I respond to things and add more content.


      Re (2): Whoa...
      Posted 2006.07.01 12:30am by Anonymous
      whoa you had me going for a minute there thinking there wasn't going to be any storyline or anything...


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