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Onyx General Update
Posted 2006.07.24 03:55am by Aaron
This news item is 4656 days old.

Well, it's been a short time, but a lot of things have sort of happened. Among them is a pseudo-decision that I'll add more to Onyx, but not in any serious way. Given that fact I've decided to open the "beta" up to anyone who wants to try things. The beta page is open to anyone who cares. Go nuts. By the way, the beta page has download links on it.

With things opened up feel free to email anyone you think may be interested and send them a copy. The licensing is still a little flaky, but nothing too atrocious I don't think. I'll correct the credits to reflect testers and resource ownership in the near future, but I'm not going to sit on this thing until then.

I'd like to thank the preliminary testers. They did very good work. I do intend to fix most of the bugs mentioned in the semi-near future. I'd also encourage anyone else who pokes at the stupid thing to file more bugs.

Enjoy as much as is possible. This isn't the end, just a beginning of something new. Hopefully the something new won't suck :)

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mysterious news from you
Posted 2006.07.24 11:55am by Wh1sper
I am very anxious to see the news...humm grmbl .....


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