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Onyx Normalized
Posted 2006.08.02 11:51pm by Aaron
This news item is 4647 days old.

I've cleaned up the Onyx site to put the proper links on the download page and I've merged the beta pages into the documentation.

For now, that's it.

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new beta. now.
Posted 2006.08.20 05:22pm by Anonymous
i demand a new beta.
with missions.

and more of those awesome obstacle courses with kinetic weapons and light ships!


    Re: new beta. now.
    Posted 2006.11.11 11:59am by Anonymous
    Yeah, please :) Don't stop working on this game, it's already too good.


      Re (2): new beta. now.
      Posted 2006.11.12 10:58am by Anonymous
      please please please.
      people have not yet forgotten about onyx. i hope you didn't, either


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