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The screenshots here are in reverse order by age. The oldest, and ugliest stuff is at the bottom. Newest and prettiest at the top.

Development Screenshots

In game briefing during the Class 1A Certification training. Class 1A Certification training. Pre-mission missile load-out selection.
Tutor Race description in the campaign selection. Heated dogfight during a training mission. Missiles Away!
Pilot statistics page starting to fill out. New BF-101 models in a "race", as much as bombers can race. New BF-101 models in a "race", as much as bombers can race.
F-51's hot in pursuit during a simple checkpoint race. Spinning tunnels demanding exacting control lest your ship be spun off course during this introductory obstacle course race. Disembarking from the Troubadour in low orbit around Ethina II to head out on a simple training patrol.
Tweaks to explosions with the new lighting. A beta solar flare is visible too. An AF-250 makes a strafing run on a Europa Class Light Carrier. New F-51 texture, new lighting, new skymobile.
The smoking chunks of a F-80 spin away as our pilot flies through the explosion. Death is most attractive from far away. A BF-101 breaks appart under the onslaught.
Random fighter placement, random asteroids. Let the melee ensue. Navigating an ice field (which looks much better when moving :) ) Ye'old BF-101 taking a pounding, as usual.
A BF-101's shields flare under the assault of a pair of mk285 mass drivers and pk2s-6650 lasers. This BF-101's random AI fires at absolutely nothing with spectacular brilliance. Notice 's new, not awful textures. A F-51 and F-80 negotiate a dense asteroid belt while on training operations.
An eager F-51 bearing down on an unsuspecting FP-55 just outside of a gas giant's gravitational pull. A not quite as eager F-51 is trying desperately to not enter our pilot's crosshairs. A randomizing test environment places dozens of fighters in close proximity... the fur begins to fly.
F-80 "Bolt" patrolling Sol, preparing for the Onyx Fleet's departure. The new skybox and skymobile stress tested with a fleet of fighters. More skymobile testing with some lighting corrections.
Training is just about over. A whole swarm of fighters near Mars. First glimpse of a real F-51 and a prototype of the new skybox. Terran highlights are likely to be green, though.
First try at a main menu. The buttons and a mouse pointer work. Closer to the menu we want to end up with. Menus slide around, the background is fully animated and the ship (which is a placeholder from Wing Commander <g>) moves to follow the cursor. Database Archvies, reading up on the TCF-F-51 Stinger.